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lymphedema therapist, Esther Coates

Healing Hands OT

Esther Coates OTL, CLT
Occupational/Lymphedema Therapist

Healing Hands OT is an outpatient rehabilitation service established in a comfortable home environment. Treatment for lymphedema and cancer rehabilitation provided by a licensed Occupational Therapist and certified lymphedema therapist with over 17 years of experience.

All treatment services are provided one on one with a patient centered approach, allowing clients to choose what is most important in their treatment plan.

Insurances accepted:

  • Medicare

  • BCBS

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Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

  • Occupational Therapy: A form of rehabilitation in which patients receive an evaluation and a client-centered approach to treatment. The field of occupational therapy assesses a patient's physical and mental limitations and how it has affected their ability to participate in activities of daily living. These activities can be as basic as combing one's hair to returning to sports and exercise. Upon completion of the evaluation therapist and patient prioritize goals and treatment strategies in order for the patient to return to their daily activities.
  • Lymphedema Therapy: Lymphedema is a form of swelling that does not resolve itself over a prolonged period of time. Swelling can be congenital, or have a secondary cause such as cancer treatment. Any area of swelling can be treated. Lymphedema treatment programs are commonly referred to as complete decongestive therapy. This therapy most typically includes manual lymphatic drainage and compression wraps, as well as advisement on use of compression garments. 
  • Cancer Rehabilitation: Cancer rehabilitation can be beneficial at any phase in the cancer process from newly diagnosed to long after treatment. Each therapy program is designed to be client centered based upon their evaluation. Common symptoms treated include fatigue, impaired ROM, pain, postural changes, scar tissue restrictions and decline in balance. Goals for treatment are client centered, chosen to address improvements in daily function, and quality of life.
  • Therapeutic Massage: For those that are interested in a relaxing experience therapeutic massage for cash based clients is offered. 
  • Exercise: Depending upon patient's health, experience, and exercise goals clients are provided with guidance through a variety of exercise programs.

Esther's Bio

Esther Coates has been a treating Occupational Therapist specializing in cancer and lymphedema treatment since 2006. Beginning with an internship at Memorial Sloan Kettering she has worked in all areas of hospital care including inpatient and outpatient Occupational Therapy. Since that time she has given educational seminars on lymphedema care and treatment, as well as its pertinence to the breast cancer community. 

Esther's Bio

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11517 Cherisse Dr

Austin, TX 78739

Tel: 512-766-0237
Fax: 888-971-7172

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